{Recipe} Vanilla Chai Protein Coffee

By Kate Horney


You like coffee. You like the benefits of whey protein….  So why not put them together for a tasty pre-workout snack?


Be honest: Were you thinking about skipping your workout this morning?


For a pre-workout boost or an early morning pick-me up, whip up this easy protein shake- and I guarantee you’ll be blazing through your workouts in no time. Apart from stimulating alertness, the caffeine can actually help you train harder by taking your focus off of the burn!


Vanilla Chai Protein Coffee!


• Large unsweetened coffee- hot or iced, your choice!
• 1 scoop Vanilla Chai Protein



  1. Pour the coffee into a LARGE mug with plenty of room at the top
  2. Add the protein powder and stir!
  3. Sip at your leisure….


Then get out there and kill your workout!!!!



P.S. Because nobody wants a clumpy coffee, here are a few “strategies” to make sure you get “clump free” protein coffee…. 

1.    Create a paste:  Add an ounce of warm water, coffee or heated unsweetened almond milk (for a latte taste) at the bottom of the coffee mug, put in the protein powder, and create a paste. Once you have a nice paste then pour in the coffee and finish mixing…. completely clump free!

2.    Use a Blender: I have a little magic bullet out on our counter…. typically I’ll throw the coffee + protein powder in there (I’ve added unsweeteed almond milk, stevia, or even cocoa to make a mocha flavor) and blend it for a few seconds. Works like a charm!

3.    Tiny Whisk: If I’m not using the magic bullet or blender- on mornings I want to keep the kitchen quiet (or keep the kids asleep!) I like a little tiny whisk right in the coffee cup. It works really well too!  Or you could even try a small battery opperated milk frother!


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