Day 12 of 25 Days of Fitness: Road Trip Workout

By Blair Lindler

Stop, Sweat, & Roll On

Well, this week I will be heading to the Upstate (that means mountains) of SC to visit my Dad and sister for an early Christmas get together, and to also celebrate my birthday.  It’s about a six to seven hour drive (depending on who’s driving and the traffic), which means lots of sitting time. 🙂

So to keep the trip interesting and to take advantage of what opportunities I can, I have devised a plan!

Every time we stop the car, Blair has to do some sweating.

I kept it short for simplicity’s sake, and also for the sake of time (I mean, let’s face it: road trip breaks are often as abbreviated as they can possibly be).

  • 15 Burpees (with the push up!)
  • 1min plank
  • 15 Squat Jumps
  • 1 min plank

So every time we stop the car (for fuel, food, or bathroom break), I will complete my mini workout to get my heart rate up, keep me in a better mood (exercise gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy), and help keep me not so bored out of my gourd!

So we’ll stop the car, Blair will sweat, and then we’ll roll on down the road toward our destination. 🙂

Are you going on a road trip this holiday season? 

If so, give this road trip challenge a try!

Traveling with friends or family? 

Try it together!

For more science on the foundation of this quick & easy road trip workout, we have some Metabolic Effect resources for you below.  When learning to be able to manage stress and busy schedules (hello, holiday road trip) burst and blitz training can become your best friend!

Make sure you know how to incorporate these powerful fat burning tools into YOUR next road trip:

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