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Fix Your Fat Fighting Hormones Day 6: Cortisol

Stress is something that busy women are all too familiar with. What you may not be as familiar with is the role cortisol plays in managing that stress! Whether it’s in response to physical, mental or emotional stress, when your body senses pressure, it responds. External factors include jobs, busy schedules, fussy kids, etc. In addition, internal…


Fix Your Fat Fighting Hormones Day 5: Insulin

Today as we focus on continuing to fix your fat fighting hormones, we’re looking at INSULIN. This is an anabolic storage hormone that is produced by the pancreas and serves to regulate carbohydrate and fat storage in the body.     The Insulin Cycle in Your Body: You eat! Yum! The food breaks down and…


Fix Your Fat Fighting Hormones Day 4: HGH

By Kate Horney   HGH is a fat burning hormone that is produced in the pituitary gland, and as the name suggests, is a hormone that stimulates muscle tissue growth. The production of HGH (human growth hormone) slowly decreases as we begin to age. HGH fuels childhood growth and development and continues to help to…


Fix Your Fat Fighting Hormones Day 3: Leptin

By Kate Horney   Yesterday we talked about the hunger hormone ghrelin, which causes your body to feel hungry.  Today, we’ll cover another hormone that may be making you fat: Leptin. Leptin is a hunger hormone, which is considered the counterpart to the hunger hormone ghrelin, and is produced by the adipose (fat) tissue. Leptin…


Fix Your Fat Fighting Hormones Day 2: Ghrelin

By Kate Horney   Are your hormones making you fat?  Or at the very least, are they causing you to feel hungry when your body doesn’t actually need fuel? It may seem simple: if you’re hungry, you eat.  But what causes you to feel hungry?  What if your body is telling you you’re hungry when…

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