5 Ways to Slow Down, Stop, and Enjoy Life

By Kira O’Donnell

Let’s face it, our society lives in a GO GO GO type of world.

Just a few weeks ago my pastor talked about drawing margins into our lives. He used the illustration of the margins in a book. The margins on each page are there to give your eyes a short break while reading so they don’t get overworked….


I never really thought about that before but it makes sense.

Creating margins in our lives to live within will help to reduce stress, prevent burnout, and just enjoy this beautiful life we’ve been so generously given.

Here are a few ways that maybe you can try to slow down each day….or maybe a couple times a week.

5 Ways to Slow Down, Stop, and Enjoy Life

  1. Watch the Sunrise or Sunset – I am an early riser and try as often as I can to wake up in time to drive the short distance it takes me to see the perfect sunrise by the river. I use this time to pray, sit quietly, and give thanks for what I have. I enjoy this quiet time as I cannot hurry up the sun so my only option is to be still and patiently wait. It really is my favorite way to start any day. The sunset might be a great opportunity to reflect on the blessings of the day that has ended. Let any frustrations go down with the sun and know that each new day starts fresh.
  2. Take a Bath – My sister just shared with me that she draws herself a bath every night after work to unwind. She adds her bubbles, bath salts, and candles, closes her eyes, and rests. For her this is a great way to decompress before dealing with her kids homework, dinner, and bedtime schedules.
  3. Take a Leisure Walk – For me this kills two birds with one stone. My dog gets exercise and I reduce stress. Increased stress hormones will actually inhibit fat burning guess what lowers stress hormones in your body…that’s right….leisure walks! So grab a good friend or maybe your headphones (I like to listen to podcasts) and walk away the stress!
  4. Yin Yoga – Yin Yoga is a great way to loosen your muscles and connective tissues within your joints. You don’t actively hold poses but instead allow your body to slowly open up and release the tension within.  I have almost fallen asleep in some of the poses because it can be so relaxing. Check your local fitness and yoga studios for this, or join our BeyondFit Life club for monthly yoga workouts in our members portal.
  5. Find a Hobby – Whether you like to read, paint, cook, knit; carve some time out in your week to do just that. Find something that you truly enjoy and do it without feeling guilty. Don’t think about your to do list or what you need to do next. In fact, put this activity on your to do list.

Whatever it is that you decide to do, do it without distractions. Be present and enjoy the moment that you are in. 🙂


What do you do to slow down and enjoy life?  Comment below!