Snack Time!

By Jennifer Pittman

I love to snack! Who doesn’t, right?

Living a fat loss lifestyle does not mean that you have to forego snacking; it’s actually the opposite. If you want to build lean muscle mass, burn more fat and keep unnecessary cravings and hunger at bay, the best thing you can do for your metabolism is eat small high protein snacks/meals throughout the day. Yes, you heard me right…

Want to lose fat? Eat more of the right foods!

LESS of this…
MORE of this

Eating more of the right foods will not only boost your metabolism into overdrive, you will also feel better, have more energy and will give you the mental ammo you need to be able to pass on that afternoon donut session at the office. 🙂

Here are a few of my favorite snacks that I prep up every week. They’re quick, easy and completely fat loss friendly:

Chicken Salad

Whip up a batch of this on Sunday and pack small portions for a yummy weekday afternoon snack:

In a large bowl, mix 2 or 3 cooked & diced chicken breasts, ½ Cup – 1 Cup Greek yogurt, 1 Tablespoon brown mustard, 1 Teaspoon lemon juice, 2 Tablespoons fat-free mayo, ¼ cup chopped walnuts, ¼ cup dried cranberries, salt and pepper for taste.

Fiesta Avocado and Tomato Salad

This is one of my favorite go-to snacks. I love anything Mexican, so this snack just makes my day! J Make ahead and portion up for your lunchbox:

In a large bowl, mix 5 diced Roma tomatoes, ¼ Cup diced red onion, ¼ Cup black beans, a few dashes of hot sauce, juice of half a lime, salt and pepper to taste. Serve your portion atop 1 sliced avocado.

Tuna Antipasto

Make this on Sunday and portion out for the week. This antipasto has so many different flavors and textures. Serve alongside a fat loss friendly cracker like WASA brand and you’ve got a stellar fat loss snack:

In a large skillet heat 1 Tablespoon olive or coconut oil; sauté one diced zucchini, ½ diced white onion, 1 diced carrot, 1 stalk diced celery, ¼ Cup banana pepper rings, ½ diced green pepper, ½ diced red pepper, 2 cloves of diced garlic. Only sauté for about 4-5 minutes…you still want some crisp in the veggies. Take off the heat and let cool. Once cool, in a large bowl, combine the cooked veggies, 2 cans of drained white albacore tuna and ¼ Cup organic Italian dressing (I prefer Annie’s brand). Mix all ingredients and chill in the fridge. Serve cold.

When it comes to snacking, it’s best to think outside of the box. Get creative with your snacks and you’ll be less tempted to hit the vending machine mid-day! 🙂

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