{Fat Burning Tip} 5 Steps to Better Sleep


You are following your fat burning workouts and nutrition but you still seem to be making little to no progress with your fat loss! What is up with that?! Can you relate?

You feel like you are doing everything right and thinking something just has to give… 

At Bikini Boot Camp we remind the ladies that after their 30 minute workout they have the potential to burn fat for 24-48 hours. So, what can you do to help get the most out of the period of time when your fat-burning hormones stay hard at work?

Of course, nutrition is a huge component, but in this series we are going to take a closer look at what you can do to help keep that fat burning by providing you with 5 steps to better sleep!


steps to better sleep



Did you know that you can burn fat, regenerate your cells, and slow the effects of aging while you sleep?

Some refer to sleep as the hormonal reset button for your body.

Staying up late surfing the internet or watching TV actually elevates your cortisol levels and stress hormones. This raises your blood sugar thus forcing a release of insulin.

Insulin release and heightened cortisol levels = no good for burning fat.

Sleep lowers leptin, insulin, and cortisol levels. It also elevates melatonin, HGH, and testosterone. Both optimize fat burning. Over time, not getting enough sleep causes metabolic resistance, making burning fat very difficult.

Eight hours of uninterrupted sleep at night is the minimal amount required to maintain hormonal balance. 

Now I know there are many mothers out there reading this and saying “yeah, right!” But we should all work to make this our goal. Here are some tips that will help you get to bed a little earlier and allow your body to work while you are sound asleep.

steps to better sleep


 5 Steps to Better Sleep

  1. Turn off the television. Your body is naturally programmed to want to go to bed shortly after the sun goes down. The artificial light from tvs and computer screens confuses the hormones in your body thus decreasing the amount of time that your body uses to help reset your hormones. If there is a show that you just can’t miss, try recording it and watching it when you have time during the day or over the weekend. I watch all of my favorite shows online so that I don’t lose sleep watching them in the evenings.
  2. Be prepared. If you are in the habit of meal prepping then you know how much time you save in the evenings by not having to cook and prepare a meal after a long day. This will allow for an earlier dinner and bedtime routine.
  3. Unwind. Try taking a relaxing bath, going for an evening walk, or reading with a cup of hot tea to unwind and get the body ready for rest.
  4. Dim the lights. If possible dim your lights or use candles for light to reduce your exposure to the bright lights that interrupt your body’s rhythm.
  5. Set an alarm. Decide in advance what time you are going to be in bed by and hold yourself accountable to that by setting an alarm to remind you that it’s time to hit the hay. If you have turned into a night owl over the years, try going to bed 10-15 minutes earlier than usual each week until you retrain your body to go to bed at a decent hour (10PM).


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