Success Story: “It’s EASY!”

At BeyondFit we love to celebrate real women who are getting real results.

Take Lisa for example…

After deciding it was time for a change, Lisa grabbed her daughter (healthy changes for the whole family- how awesome is that!) and headed to Bikini Boot Camp.  With workouts lasting just 30 minutes, 3 times a week, this busy business woman/wife/mom made intelligent, female fat loss workouts a priority and lost over 10lbs and over 8 inches in her first 6 weeks!

Nothing beats a good mother/daughter workout!

Diet?  Lisa didn’t think she could do it… but she quickly learned that results come from a fat loss mindset, NOT a dieting mindset.  As she ditched the diet and began to incorporate fat loss nutrition principles into her life, she discovered that it’s actually EASY to eat this way!  To quote Lisa:  “I SHOCKED myself!  It’s EASY and I feel AWESOME!”  Lisa quickly found that fat loss nutrition can easily fit into everyday life- business meetings, feeding kids, feeding teenagers… even her husband is making changes!

Lisa’s clothes are fitting better (that tends to happen when you lose close to 4 inches off your waist) and she says she feels more energetic than she has in a really long time!  As of week 12, Lisa is down another 3 inches (total over 11 inches) and has lost 3% of her total body fat… a total FAT loss of 9.86 (yeah, we’ll round that to 10) lbs.  And that’s not 10lbs of weight on a scale- that’s 10lbs of FAT off her hips, butts, waist and thighs… GONE!  And after only a few small changes that Lisa calls “EASY!”

You don’t have to kill yourself to get results…

When you combine intelligent exercise with fat loss nutrition, your body begins to run in the way that it was designed.  If you want to reach your goals, create lasting body change, and make fat loss a lifestyle, follow Lisa’s lead… commit yourself to working SMARTER, not HARDER!
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