Day 17 of 25 Days of Fitness: Sweat Factory

By Blair Lindler 

Sweat Factory- that’s what I call my “gym.” Most people would call it a garage, but I think “The Sweat Factory” has a nice ring to it 😉 .

Even in the winter when it’s frosty cold, I enter my garage armed with a toboggan and sweatshirt, yet end up shedding these layers in favor of my racerback (aka sleeveless) tank that I’ve got on underneath.

Holding a plank while my furry coach watches for perfect form..
(and rewards me with kisses)

I’m currently out of town and away from my sweat factory… I’m visiting my Dad and sister in the Upstate of SC, and am apart from all tools except for the 15lb weights and GymBoss Interval Trainer that I brought with me (well, of course my workout gear too!).

Yet even though I’m not at a traditional “gym,” I am surrounded by some seriously awesome environmental gym equipment…

  • Stairs: My Dad’s apartment complex has 1 flight of stairs available, so that’s a tool I don’t usually have.
  • Hills:  Snce I’m in the Upstate, that means the terrain is SUPER hilly – there’s what the locals would consider a “bump in the road” but what this flat-lander considers a pretty substantial hill from the front entrance of his complex to his apartment.  This is definitely something I’m not used to having around!
  • Even a parking lot….  

    My two workout buddies for the day…
    Daniel (the man) and Mya (the dog).

And this brings me to my point…Your sweat factory for the day doesn’t have to always be in the same physical location.

In fact, it’s often times good to mix it up!  Fat loss happens anywhere!

It’s less boring for you mentally, it’s more challenging for you physically, and as long as you get your sweat on, it’s just as good for you metabolically to switch it up from time to time!

So here’s the workout that I’ve been doing in my “Temporary Sweat Factory” as I’m on vacation…

Don’t let travel stop your progress!! 

Make your Sweat Factory be where ever you are…

  • 8-12 Burpees with a Curl and Press
  • 1-2 up/down hill sprints
  • 1min Bicycle Crunches
  • 8-12 Squats with a Fly
  • 1-2 up/down hill sprints
  • 1min Bicycle Crunches
  • 8-12 Tricep Dip/Incline Push Up Combos (complete one, flip over for the other and repeat) using the stairs
  • 1-2 up/down hill sprints
  • 1 min Bicycle Crunches

Repeated 2-3 times, resting as I needed, with lots of water on the side 😉