5 Tips to Survive the Holiday Season

By Kira O’Donnell

Shopping and parties and treats… OH MY!

The holidays have arrived!

If you ask me I think this is the easiest time of year to fall off the fat loss progress wagon. It is for me anyway. I mean it WAS.

My goal over the next couple months is to do the very best that I can to make good choices and not feel deprived on all of the holiday fun.

So how does one accomplish this?

Health Tips to Survive the Holiday Season

Here are a 5 Tips to survive the holidays…fat loss style!

  1. Shopping – Always have fat loss friendly snacks and/or meals packed for a day out shopping or driving. You don’t want to be stuck resorting to the mall food court or fast food joints when hunger strikes.  Some things that you can find in my thermal bag on any given day out are apples, almonds, grilled chicken strips, broccoli, hard boiled eggs, and protein bars.
  2. Parties – If you are going to a potluck choose to bring a fat loss friendly dish to share. This way you know there will be at least one thing there that you can eat guilt free. We have tons of recipes that are sure to be a hit at any party. If it is a party where the food is provided try eating before you go. This way you will be full when you get there and instead focus on visiting with friends. I also find it helpful to chew on sugarless gum when I think that I will be tempted to pick at food.
  3. Drink up! – Water that is 😉 I get asked often why I walk around all day with a gallon of water in my hand. My answer: “So that I never have an excuse not to drink it!” Yes it helps me to gauge how much I drink each day but it is more important to me that I am never stuck somewhere without the ability to fill up my favorite cup. P.s  – this does make for more potty stops on road trips though haha
  4. Relax – When you are stressed your stress hormones increase which can actually slow down fat burning in the body. When you feel the stress of the holidays start to build up lace up your sneakers and take a nice leisure, stress reducing stroll.
  5. Hit the weights – We make it easy with our 20-30 minute fat burning workouts that you can do right in your house. We are all busy but if it is important to you, you will make time for it.
  6. Enjoy yourself – If you have been following Beyondfit for a while then you may notice that we constantly try to remind you that living the fat loss way is a lifestyle. You WILL have some days that aren’t as good as others. If you are at a party and decide that you reeeaaally want to indulge then do it, own it, and move on. Always remember that each meal is a chance to make the decision to turn it back around.

Will you join me in making this the happiest and fat loss friendliest holiday season ever?!?!