The Total Core Challenge

By Blair Lindler 

I love to challenge myself.  Especially if it’s something that I know is good for me!  That’s why adopting this whole new way of living – the fat-loss lifestyle – has been both enjoyable and challenging! 

The challenging part isn’t so much about rules or what you’re allowed to eat vs. what you’re not allowed to eat – instead, the challenge lies in the fact that it goes against everything we’re taught about losing weight!  It goes against spending hours in the gym – killing myself on the elliptical, taking two back-to-back high impact group fitness classes, and skipping over the weight training.  The antithesis of all this is what the fat-loss lifestyle is about!  🙂

The fat-loss lifestyle is about:

  • Smarter workouts in a shorter period of time
  • Incorporating quality weight training for females
  • Individualized eating plans to take into account personal make-up
  • Focusing on fat loss and not weight loss

If you read your copy of 3 Secrets to Great Abs then you know that adding resistance training to your workouts 2-­3 times per week is key to a flat stomach…

It’s quickest way to tighten up all over (including our tummies) and helps burn fat both during your workout and long after your workout is over….

It’s time to get our sweat on!  

Follow us below to get started with your full body, Total Core Challenge workout…

Try for two rounds total and get ready to feel that tummy tighten up up!  As a bonus, you also get chest, shoulder, arm, and some leg work too!

A few “rules” for the workout…

  • Do as much as you can for as long as you can, and then rest until you’re ready to jump back in!
  • Be sure to break for water when you need it (no water breaks are built in)
  • Make sure those weights are heavy enough!  You should feel very challenged by the time you hit the sixth or seventh rep.  If not, pick up a heavier set.
  • DO NOT SACRIFICE FORM FOR REPS!  If you’re form isn’t right, you’re not getting the benefit of the workout, and you could be setting yourself up for potential injury…

See?  Total body while also getting that Total Core 😉  You can do this!

Need some help?  Join the Abs by Christmas Challenge to get quick & easy weekly full body workouts just like this (with targeted core training to help you get the flat stomach you dream of in just 6 week) sent directly to your inbox from now until December 24th!   Be in control of who you are and what you can become!

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