The Ultimate (Forgotten) Fat Loss Weapon

Want to lose belly fat fast? Searching for ways to shape up, slim down, and get the body you’ve always wanted? All you have to do is log in to your favorite social networking site and you’ll undoubtedly be bombarded with countless fat loss tips and tricks…

But can I let you in on a little secret?  

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That’s right. Nothing will WORK unless you do. 

Even the best fat loss tips won’t dramatically enhance your abs or give you the body you’ve always dreamed of if you don’t put them into practice. Not just for a day. Not just for a week. But for as long as it takes.

The Ultimate Fat Loss Weapon

Many of the so-called fat loss tips floating around cyberspace are great. Short duration, high intensity exercise–yes! Eating clean–most certainly! Interval Training–you bet!

But here’s the thing: You can have the greatest fat loss arsenal on the planet, but if you’re not actually USING the tips that you have, they’re not going to become weapons that work. That’s why the ultimate (and often forgotten) fat loss weapon doesn’t relate to a diet or exercise plan. It’s adherence. And it relates to effort.

How to get results

Fat loss Fran knows about all the greatest fat loss workouts. She has read all the books on fat loss nutrition, clean eating, and balancing hormones. Fran even lost some significant weight in the past (YAY! Go, Fran!) 

But then she got busy. As her trips through the fast food drive through increased, the frequency of her workouts decreased. Scheduled workouts 3xs week turned into scheduled workouts once a week…which dwindled into occasional workouts…you know, when she had time.

Eventually, Fran stopped all together. She has a bookshelf full of fat weapons just waiting to be used. She has the knowledge she needs to makes some progress. But she forgot about her primary weapon…she forgot about adherence!  And as a result, her fat loss stalled all together.

The best way to truly get results is to practice adherence. 

Yes, it’s true, some workouts are better than others (3 tips to improve your workout), but ultimately, you have to be able to stick with whatever plan you choose.

  • Find what works for you and do it.
  • Then do it again.
  • And again.  
  • Again.
  • On repeat. Again?


Ask yourself: “Is this something I could do for the rest of my life?” If not, it’s not going to work! 

Lifestyle > Diet

95% of all people who go on calorie controlled weight loss diets fail to keep the weight off after 5 years. 66% of these dieters actually end up fatter than they were before they started the diet. Why? Because they’re impossible to adhere to! You can’t stick with that! Can you relate?

Diets don’t work if people can’t maintain them. 

Somewhere in the sea of social-networking fat loss tips, the ultimate fat loss weapon of adherence has been forgotten. Pure and simple, adherence comes down to you doing what you’ve got to do–being able to stick with what you’ve started. When it’s all said and done, what’s the best thing to do to create lasting body change?   A plan that becomes a lifestyle!

Not sure where to start? Don’t forget…you have to start with support!  

Research shows that people who complete a program with a buddy are much more likely to succeed in sticking to it! So, right now, share this article with three friends…

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The best way to practice adherence is to enlist accountability and support! Don’t go it alone!

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