Best Vegan Protein Powder

If you are trying to incorporate more variety into your diet or trying to eat a more plant-based diet, you can find the transition from animal-based foods to a plant based diet very challenging…

Especially when it comes to finding a dairy free, plant based protein that doesn’t taste like dirt.  (No offense).  

But today, I’ve got some great news for all the vegetarian & vegan ladies among us!

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I recently ordered some vegan (dairy free) protein powder to do a test taste and I was pleasantly surprised.  This vegan protein powder will definitely help make the transition easy, sustainable, and delicious! 

Contrary to popular belief, many plant proteins do contain essential amino acids- just not in the same amounts as those found in animal sources like eggs and dairy.

With that said, however, if you’re smart about supplements, you can still get all of the nine essential amino acids necessary for muscle growth, fat burning and optimal health and fitness with a balanced vegan diet.

Protein-rich supplements key if you’re living the vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. 

Top Quality Protein Sources for Vegans

It’s important to find a protein that uses quality sources of plant protein.  This vegan protein powder uses sources that have been clinically tested in humans for their effects on muscle building. And stays away from weak estrogenic proteins like soy. (Read more about why you should avoid soy protein here)

Pea Protein vega

When it comes to a functional vegan protein, pea protein has become one of the most popular sources. When top-quality sources are used, such as in Select, it has a mild taste and texture. It also has one of the closest amino acid profiles to dairy and egg proteins.

Brown Rice Protein

Rice protein is the truest companion to pea protein. Where pea protein’s amino acid profile is weakest, rice protein’s profile is strongest. The combination of these two protein sources can achieve an amino acid profile nearly identical to dairy or egg protein.

But let’s be honest…the vast majority of vegan proteins taste terrible.

To make a vegan protein taste great you need two things: Top quality ingredients, and a special flavoring craft.  PEScience has both of those in their newly released VEGAN protein powder!  

Bonus: it’s sweetened with stevia!

If you are lactose intolerant, avoiding artificial sweeteners, or simply trying to transition to a vegan lifestyle, this is the protein for you!  

This protein is dairy, gluten, and sugar free, so this new formula can be enjoyed by ANYONE, no matter what your lifestyle may be!  

It’s not just for vegans, but also perfect those who are sensitive to or allergic to dairy, or avoiding artificial sweeteners!

Since it is made with a blend of brown rice & pea protein and sweetened with Stevia, it definitely tastes a little bit different than my regular shakes, which are a blend of whey & casein…

But I can tell you that this is by far the BEST tasting plant based protein I’ve tried.

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