What’s in my Gym Bag

By Kate Horney


I rarely hit the gym anymore. Instead, most of my workouts are done from home. (BeyondFit Life workouts in my #garagegym).

BUT, if I did pack a gym bag, here’s what I’d throw in…


gym bag


What’s in my Gym Bag:


  • Water Bottle: Drinking water has a lipolytic effect, meaning it helps break down fat cells in your body. Staying hydrated will help keep your fat loss goals on track as well as ensure you are able to push hard during your workout. (Get my all time FAVORITE water bottle here!) 
  • Protein Bar: Your first meal after your workout (often referred to as the PWO, or post workout, meal) is incredibly important for refueling your body and helping you burn fat and build muscle. Make the most of the PWO period by giving your muscles all they need to rebuild bigger and stronger. For this meal, take advantage of your improved insulin sensitivity, and eat the majority of the day’s allotment of carbohydrates in order to replenish muscle glycogen stores (see carb info below) and make sure you get your protein in! Make it a goal this week to try to get 1/4th of your lean body weight in grams of protein after your workout. I love shakes if I’m at home, or throwing a bar in my bag if I’m on the run (see my favorite protein bars here).
  • Complex Carbs: In addition to protein, you need some complex carbs post-workout. Things like oats, fruit, etc work well to replenish glycogen stores in your muscle and help you burn fat and boost your metabolism by building and preparing that lean muscle. 
  • Lifting Straps: One of the keys to getting more results in less time with your workouts is to lift HEAVY weights. If you’re like me, grip strength may be an issue. That’s why I love lifting straps like these versa grips to help me hang out to that heavy weight without tearing up my hands. 
  • Workout Outfit: This goes without saying. If you want a killer workout, you’ve got to have some killer workout gear. Here are some of my favorites. 
  • Shoes: The shoes you choose for your workout should go beyond style. If you want to prevent injury and protect those joints, make sure you select the proper shoe! What to look for and how to pick the best shoe for you are here!) 


And of course you need a cute bag.  (My favorite is the Lululemon Duffle pictured below!)




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