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Competition Prep

Bikini & Figure Competitions: 1 Week Out + The No Fail Technique for Competition Prep

By Kate Horney I’m an efficient person. Well, at least I TRY to be efficient! I have an 8 month old son and there isn’t any time to waste! So when it comes to preparing for this completion, I HAVE TO make the most of my time. Both my nutrition and my training must be quick AND effective…. When it comes to competition prep, it pains me to watch so many competitors waste time with poorly struc ...[Read More]

Bikini & Figure Competitions: 3 Weeks Out

By Kate Horney Well it’s only three more weeks until the big day!  I guess this is the start of crunch time. We are really on a pretty good routine right now and I’m feeling pretty positive about this competition. I am anxious to see how it works out, and three weeks sure doesn’t sound like very long! Last week I mentioned I hate the fitness industry for what they have accepted and even PROMOTED t ...[Read More]

Bikini & Figure Competitions: 4 Weeks Out

By Kate Horney So we are doing this competition thing! I’ve never done one. My husband hasn’t either. It’s a little bit about challenging ourselves with something new and a little bit about a fun shared interest (we tried doubles tennis and found out neither of us could play so we are kind of stuck with this 😉 ). As a new mom (my boy is almost 8 months, can you believe it?!) I am embracing motherh ...[Read More]