Kate’s Top 6 Kitchen Must Haves!

By Kate Horney


Everyone knows the saying “Abs are made in the kitchen” and I have to be honest with you: it couldn’t be closer to the truth!


If you want results when it comes to your health, fitness or fat loss, you need to focus on eating the right types of nutritious foods…. And that means you also need to learn to prepare those foods (preferably in the easiest, most time efficient way possible).


As a busy mom who spends a good amount of time in the kitchen, I have come to love many different kitchen gadgets that not only decrease preparation time but also make cooking a much more enjoyable experience.


It is definitely not fun chopping vegetables with a dull knife or hand drying every piece of lettuce that gets washed… are you with me?!


Enter what I call my “Kitchen Must Haves…” these tools make my food preparation easy, efficient and enjoyable!


Kate’s Top 6 Kitchen Must Haves


Food Processor

Food Processors save so much time! Why would you chop everything individually when you can get the job done- literally in just seconds?!! From veggies to nuts, just place everything in the food processor, press the button and BAM!  Everything is ready to go. Some of my favorite things to prepare in a food processor include: nut butters, salsa, sauces, soups, and to finely chop my vegetables. It’s also great to make homemade baby food too!



I’ve tried just about every blender out there, and the Vitamix is by far my favorite.  I use it daily- sometimes several times per day!  It’s awesome for super thick protein shakes (blends the spinach so well you won’t even notice it) as well as soups, sauces and even homemade nut butter!


The Magic Bullet 

The one down side to the vitamix is how make time it takes to clean.  Plus it’s a little big and bulky.  Soooo… for something smaller, I do love my magic bullet.  I love the magic bullet for quickly mixing up homemade baby food, or for doing a quick chop job on veggies, etc.


Egg Separator 

Egg Whites are a staple in my diet. Rather than deal with separating the egg yolks (great treat for Gilby) from my egg whites, this egg separator is a simple tool that does the trick. Plus, it’s super cute and makes me laugh. I love my egg separator and use it all the time!


Waffle Maker 

You know how much I love protein pancakes… but another breakfast favorite of mine are protein WAFFLES!  Same batter, just a fun twist on the usual. I simply pour my Protein Pancake batter into my waffle maker and make a perfectly healthy waffle. Changing the texture and adding variety to your menu helps keep things fun and exciting. I love blueberry protein waffles, or my favorite simple recipe is for cinnamon & sweet potato waffles!


[yumprint-recipe id=’28’]


Mini Pancake Pan 

Along the same lines as the waffle maker, the mini pancake pan makes healthy breakfasts a breeze! This is great for protein pancakes (the batter can sometimes be a bit runny) and it makes perfectly sized portions for Jackson! 


Salad Spinner 

I’m a huge salad lover- I eat a salad almost daily!  What I don’t love, though is drying each individual piece of lettuce.  The salad spinner is awesome because it saves dry time. Rather than patting my chopped lettuce dry, simply place it in the spinner, give it a spin and it removes all the excess water from the leaves. A must have for those salad lovers out there!


Having the right tools will help you in your fitness journey! What are some of YOUR favorite kitchen tools? 
Share them by posting below!   



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