10 Ways To Stay Active With Your Family

As moms, one important job we have is to make sure that our kids develop healthy habits at a young age. It’s important to teach our kids that taking care of their bodies matters.

This includes things like teaching them the importance of sleep, hydration, proper nutritionand yes, even exercise

I love teaching my boys that exercise is not a chore, but rather that it’s something that we get to do to have fun and take care of our minds and bodies.


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You can read more about the benefits of exercise for kids here, but if you need some ideas on how to get active with your family, read on.


10 Ways to Stay Active as a Family


1. Do BeyondFit Life Together: Our BeyondFit Life workouts were created for ladies, but that doesn’t mean your entire family can’t join in! All you need is a set of dumbbells, a yoga mat and some sweat and effort, and you’ll get fat burning results while your kiddos play, or even try to do the workout with you!

2. Take a Hike: We love to find hiking or nature trails to explore. It’s a great leisurely walk, time for our family to talk, and for my boys to explore the great outdoors.

3. Hit the Park: Pushing kids on the swings and chasing them around the park is a workout for everyone involved!  

4. Stretching or Yoga: I love to take some time for stretching or yoga in the morning and the boys love to join me. It’s a perfect way to stay active while also taking time to wind down after a tough workout or work out muscle soreness.

5. Ride Bikes: Now that our youngest is old enough to safely ride his own “big boy bike” we’ve found that family bike rides can be so much fun! Before both boys could ride, we loved to use the burley bike trailer so that Warren could ride while Jackson, Patrick and I rode our bikes.


stay active with your family, active family, kids exercise, fit family


6. Take a Walk: You already know the benefits of a leisurely walk for lowering cortisol. But it’s also a great way to spend time being active as a family. Find a park to stroll through or just walk around the neighborhood. It’s a great time to spend together, talking and walking as a family.

7. Go for a Swim: Who doesn’t love a good swim? Whether you’re hitting the beach, lake or pool, swimming is a great way to stay active!  

8. Sprint: Take some time on a Saturday morning to plan a family race. We love our 10 minute sprint workouts, and they’ve quickly become a weekly tradition. Whether you sprint down the driveway, at the track, or at the park, see if you can go all out for 30 seconds, take 1 minute to rest/recover and repeat!  

9. Set Up Active Games: Turn off the video games and take your gaming outdoors. My boys love active games like hide and seek, tag, or backyard obstacle courses.

10. Water Sports: Get a canoe or stand up paddle board and hit the water. Both of our boys love to paddle, and we get the added core workout of trying to balance with two squirmy kids in our boat or on our board.

Need some more ideas? Click here to take our Fit Summer Challenge!

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