2015 Fit Girls Getaway Sponsors

By Suzanne York


We want to thank all of our Fit Girls Getaway Sponsors who made our 2015 Fit Girls Getaway so amazing!


2015 Sponsors


Workout in Style!


  • Dona Jo Fitwear! Trendy activewear for women.
  • Put on stylish workout gloves from Sparkle and Sweat Shop when you do your Beyond Fit workout!
  • Want some cute workout apparel made with the best fabrics? Try Affitnity!
  • Motivational cute tanks with inspiration from Cross Training Couture!
  • MPG a clothing line that fuses fashion with performance function.
  • True North Collection has style and create headbands to keep you moving in the right direction.
  • Tired of headbands that slip? Sweaty Bands stay put! Sweaty bands– creating products that empower women one drop of sweat at a time.






While Working Out…


  • Part of the suggested supplementation for Beyond Fit ladies to reach their fat loss goals is Fish or Krill oil. Nordic Natural’s Omega-3s support optimal metabolism and body composition. 
  • Rock your workout with Micro sized sweat proof sport Bluetooth earbuds from Jaybird. Listen to your workout music with this superior audio performance.
  • Burn calories, lose fat and build muscle using your Valslide. There are an infinite number of exercises that you can do with YOUR level of fitness.
  • Train hard and smart with the Gymboss timers perfect for timing a single interval or multiple intervals and repeating them once or as many times as you wish.



After workout…


  • Hello Merch is an apparel company with some really fun designs!



Stylish and Inspirational  Jewelry…












Fat Loss Friendly Food…


  • Sweet Spreads create healthy foods in a very tasty way. As an athlete proper nutrition can allow you to take your training to the next level. A great way to get healthy fats into your diet.
  • A yummy tasty treat! Sweet It Almond Brittle Mix.
  • Tired of plain water and want something tasty without artificial colors, flavors or sugars? Zevia comes in 15 natural flavors!
  • Way Better Snacks are tasty snacks that are made of sprouted whole grains and seeds that are combined into a corn tortilla chip. At Way Better Snacks we have a vision to create a better snack!
  • Paleo Scavenger Try this tasty Paleo granola. Made without grains, dairy, soy or refined sugars. The result is granola that’s super soft and chewy–not clumpy or dry!
  • When you need to feed your sweet tooth try Artic Zero! It’s a fit frozen dessert without all the fat and calories. ARCTIC ZERO is low glycemic, lactose free, gluten free and GMO free. It’s the perfect zero-guilt pleasure whenever your sweet tooth strikes.
  • Nuttzo is a gourmet 7 nut and seed butter. We think you’re freaken’ amazing, this life is short and your body deserves the best of the best. So that’s what you’ll get from us. We select the highest quality ingredients always. The healthiest, unique super butter.
  • You Fresh Naturals The line of flavored Coco-Nut butters are combined with coconut butter. Homemade organic coco-nut butters you can put on fruit, a smoothie or eat right from the jar!
  • TigerNuts are an ancient superfood. TigerNuts are not nuts, but actually tubers, small root vegetables which comprised up to 80% of our Paleo ancestors’ diet around 2 million years ago. This ancient superfood originates from Northern Africa and the Mediterranean and it’s extremely high in fiber, iron, potassium, and vitamins E & C.
  • Brew La La Coffee Gourmet coffee company specializing where sweet style taste meet savory blends! Your favorite desserts minus the guilt!







It is recommended for BeyondFit women to eat  .8 to 1 g of protein per pound of body weight. 


Here are a few ways to meet that protein intake:

Jay Robb Protein

Elli Quark

Fit Miss


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