3 Day Detox after Thanksgiving: 5 Tips to Beat Belly Bloat

We’ve all been there – that dreaded day after Thanksgiving when you feel as bloated as a blow-up balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

You knew that having that third helping of your Aunt’s pecan pie wasn’t the best idea, but in the moment you just couldn’t resist. Or maybe you thought you were making good choices but still woke up feeling like those skinny jeans are a bit too tight.

Whatever the case, whether after a day of all out indulging or maybe just eating a bit more than normal, the good news is that with some simple nutrition and lifestyle changes, you can reverse that bloated feeling, fast.

Of course, one day of merriment is not going to irrevocably wreak havoc on your system. But there are things you can do to help get your body back-on-track quickly.

Don’t waste money on a bunch of bogus supplements. Here are some smart tips to get you back on track and help you recharge your system the healthy way.

5 Tips to Beat Belly Bloat

1. Eat Whole Foods

This is the first and most important step. Don’t waste money on expensive “detox” supplements. You may have overdone it yesterday, but there’s still no reason to spend money on pills. Why? Because our bodies automatically do it for us! Our bodies are amazing and fascinating in how they keep us healthy. You don’t need to throw money down the toilet (Those supplements really just create expensive pee!) with detox supplements. Our own liver and kidneys help our bodies detoxify naturally, so we don’t need to go to any extreme measures of detoxifying. You can, however, help your body get back on track by focusing on whole foods. You’ll find a my 3-day meal plan below!

2. Walk

In addition to making sure your nutrition is on track, jump start your system by focusing on staying active after your feast. If your waistband feels a little too snug after a week of feasting, head outside for a leisurely 30-60 minute walk. Leisurely walking lowers cortisol and actually helps air bubbles pass through your digestive tract quicker. It’s a fact: that bloated feeling will disappear much faster if you’re moving than if you’re simply lounging on the couch.

3. Take a probiotic

Sometimes bloating can be caused by an imbalance of the bacteria in your intestines, especially at times when you’ve been eating more processed, sugar-filled foods. Note: Probiotics can help restore the bacterial balance, but not all brands have proven that they work. Bifidobacterium infantis is the only probiotic strain that studies show relieves GI symptoms, such as bloating. Get digestion back on track (and get a flat stomach fast) by taking a proven probiotic daily.

4. Cut out dairy

Speaking of flat stomachs, one thing you may not know is that belly bloat is a common side effect of lactose intolerance. More than one in 10 adults are lactose intolerant, yet most women never even consider if this might be an issue for them! If you suspect that milk or other dairy products are causing your belly bulge, consider cutting dairy for the next 3 days and watch how your body responds. Even women with just a slight dairy sensitivity will notice decreased bloating, water retention, and swelling – especially in their midsection.

5. Sleep

Remember how I said that our bodies are amazing and they work to keep us healthy automatically? It’s true! You don’t need to go to any extreme measures of detoxifying after a holiday feast, BUT you do need to do your part by giving your body time to do it’s job. Most moms start Thanksgiving (or any day, for that matter) pretty sleep deprived, so for the next few days as you’re working to get your body back on track, take advantage of the holiday to catch up on zzz’s and give your body time to rest, recover and recharge.


Not sure where to start? Following my sample 3 Day Detox Meal Plan should get you going on in the right direction!

3 Day Detox Meal Plan to Beat Belly Bloat

3 Day Detox: Day 1

  • Breakfast: Eggs provide a good source of protein, blood-pumping iron and energizing B-vitamins to help restore the mind and body after a few days of heavy eating. Start your day with a 4 egg white omelet with fibrous veggies as well as 1/3 C oat bran made with water – add stevia/cinnamon to taste. Serve with 1/2 vitamin-C-rich grapefruit to help kick up the metabolism.
  • Lunch: A bulky salad with plenty of antioxidants and high-fiber, water-filled veggies is the perfect way to flush out sodium or toxins from the body while helping improve energy levels and concentration. Fill up your mixing bowl with mixed greens and high-fiber, water-filled veggies. Top it off with BeyondFit’s Buffalo Chicken for protein that will balance hunger, energy and cravings all afternoon long.
  • Snack: To avoid the inevitable afternoon slump, reach for BeyondFit’s Peanut Butter Protein Frosty. This energizing, yummy treat does the body so much better than an empty-calorie or high-sugar cookie.
  • Dinner: Quick & Easy Chili with a side salad & 2 T balsamic vinaigrette dressing is the perfect way to end day 1 of your day after Thanksgiving detox.   

3 Day Detox: Day 2

  • Breakfast: Cinnamon & Nutty Oats: 1⁄4 C oat bran made with water, 1 scoop cinnamon bun protein powder, 1⁄4 C toasted walnuts mixed in – cinnamon/Stevia to taste, topped with 1 T ground flaxseeds. After drinking more than normal amounts of alcohol or eating a high-fat meal, digestion can be disrupted for days. Make sure you’re taking your probiotic, but, in addition, this high-fiber and antioxidant-rich breakfast will help push waste through the GI track and eliminate toxins. As a bonus, the flaxseeds and walnuts also add healthy fats, including Omega-3s, which decrease inflammation in the body.
  • Lunch: BeyondFit’s Protein Packed Pizza, served with a side garden salad.
  • Snack: Blend 1 scoop protein powder with 8 oz unsweetened almond milk, 1/2 C frozen berries and 1 C fresh or frozen spinach. Add stevia and ice to desired thickness & taste. This snack is rich in fiber, antioxidants and water–the three most important things to eat when you’re looking to detox and increase your energy.
  • Dinner – Salmon with Asian Slaw: Marinate one 4 oz salmon fillet in Braggs Aminos. Remove from marinade; bake 20 to 25 minutes at 350 degrees. Mix together 1 T sesame oil, 1/2 C rice wine vinegar, 2 t stevia; toss with 3 C chopped cabbage and 1 T toasted sliced almonds. Serve salmon with slaw on the sideThis gives you the perfect blend of fibrous vegetables, protein and healthy fats. Salmon is one of the best sources of inflammation-fighting Omega-3s, and cabbage is a natural detoxifier, which can help flush your body of all those extra toxins it’s still holding on to from Thanksgiving.

3 Day Detox: Day 3

  • Breakfast: Power shake: Blend 1 scoop protein powder with 8 oz unsweetened almond milk, 1/2 C frozen berries, 1 C spinach and 1 C kale. Add stevia and ice to desired thickness & taste. Blending together these fiber and water-rich veggies will give you a nutrition-packed smoothie that pushes toxins through the body and decreases bloating.
  • Lunch: BeyondFit’s Crock Pot Chicken Fajitas served over a salad or in a low carb tortilla.
  • Snack: Celery topped with 2 T all natural, homemade peanut-butter
  • Dinner: Turkey Burger & Sweet Potato Chips served with a side garden salad. Wean off high-fat holiday foods with ground turkey, which is naturally lean, and add tons of fiber and energizing nutrients—like B vitamins—by adding a sweet potato and fibrous veggies on the side!

 Do you need some workouts to go with your 3-day de-bloat diet? 

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