30 Minute Full Body Circuit Workout

By Lindsey Fazendine

30 Minute Full Body Circuit Workout

We are all busy!

Between work, family and crazy schedules some days it can be hard to get a workout in.

Here is a  30 minute circuit that you can do anywhere and all you need is a pair of dumbbells!

Start by doing a quick warm up. Walking, jogging, elliptical, jumping rope for 5 minutes.

Repeat each circuit twice. Rest for 60 seconds after completing one rep of each circuit. Use 5-10lbs dumbbells.

30 Minute Full Body Circuit Workout

 Now do 30 seconds of Burpees! 

30 Minute Full Body Circuit Workout


Another 30 seconds of those Burpees….GO!

30 Minute Full Body Circuit Workout

Yup…you guessed it. More Burpees. It’s your last 30 seconds make it count. Get as many as you can…Go! 

30 Minute Full Body Circuit Workout

I’m Lindsey Fazendine, I have recently started my Lindseylivesfit  blog and I’m loving every second of it! I am a wife to Marine, Mother to a toddler and a personal trainer. My goal is to share my passion for a healthy lifestyle with no fuss healthy recipes, work outs that can be done anywhere, and everyday-real-life tips to help my followers live the best life possible! My next fitness goal is to compete in Bikini Competitions and I can’t to share my journey with my #fitfam!
30 Minute Full Body Circuit Workout
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