{Fitness Tips} Free Fitness Apps You’ll Love

Technology is AWESOME.  Free fitness app technology? EVEN BETTER!

There are literally thousands of apps available to help you do everything in life – from finding coupons and listening to music to giving you directions on your road trip or finding the best local food in a strange city.

The options are endless.

And I’ll admit – finding the right apps can be an exhausting process. Particularly when you want apps that will help encourage a healthy, balanced, fat loss lifestyle.

So I thought I’d share some of my favorite FREE phone apps that simplify and help you balance your life so that you can #dofitnessbetter!

My 5 Favorite FREE Phone Fitness Apps

1.  Gymboss Interval Timer 

This app is the phone version of the timer that we use in our Boot Camp classes, great for circuit training, interval training, etc. You can set your alarms for whatever time period you want, for however many rounds you want. It makes timed circuits a DREAM in comparison to using your phone’s timer that you have to reset each round.

Free Fitness Apps


2.  MapMyRun 

This app is great if you run, sprint, walk, or have a heart rate monitor.  It tracks your distance and speed via GPS. You can also connect your heart rate monitor for other activities for more accurate calorie burn.  Pay a small fee ($5) and you can get coaching elements, where you can set distance, pace, or time goals for your runs or walks.

Free Fitness Apps


3. My Fitness Pal 

I recommend that all of my one-on-one nutrition coaching clients download this free app. The MyFitnessPal is a mobile app and website that give you a wealth of tools for tracking what and how much you eat, as well as how many calories you burn through activity.

I love that in addition to overall calorie intake, you’re able to see a macro breakdown of each meal as well as daily totals. Of all the macro and calorie counters I’ve used, MyFitnessPal is by far the easiest one to manage, and it comes with the largest database of foods and drinks–it even has a scanner to scan bar codes of your favorite products! MyFitnessPal is wonderful at helping you become more aware of your eating habits.

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4. Fitbit

I share more about the activity trackers that I use (and love) here. My favorite is the Fitbit Charge HR, and I love the mobile app that goes along with it. The Fitbit app counts your steps, helps you track the calories you consume, logs your weight, and records other health information, such as blood pressure and glucose levels. If you use a Fitbit tracker, your app logs most of this information automatically and can even track how well you’re sleeping.

free fitness apps, fitbit, fit moms, fat loss for moms


5. Sleep Time

This last app tracks how well you sleep and helps you wake up at a more natural time for your sleep cycle.  When you set an alarm through this app, it wakes you up in a 30 minute window (ie, if you set your alarm for 6am, it wakes you up based on your natural sleep cycle somewhere between 530am and 6am) at your lightest sleep phase.  It tracks your sleep via bed movement – so just place the phone on your bed and drift off to sleep. But what I REALLY love about this app, is that you can play relaxing “white noise” for a predetermined time (so it doesn’t use up your battery or data) to help you drift off to dream land more peacefully. Quality sleep is KEY to a healthy lifestyle, and this app can help you attain that! Give this app a try!

Free Fitness Apps


In conclusion, many free fitness apps exist–the time to try them all out and find the ones that actually help may not. Try my 5 favorites to get you going in the amazing world of the technology that helps you #dofitnessbetter.

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