Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids: Sour Patch Apples

By Blair Lindler

A recent post from Coach Kate on the BeyondFit Facebook Page:

“I am sitting here brainstorming what I can do to make BeyondFit Mom better and how we can reach more busy moms. So what would you like to see more of? A look into our daily life and how we make our fat loss lifestyle work? More workouts? More recipes? More honesty on our slip ups? Tell me what you want! I know we can do better but I want to hear from you! Oxo! -Kate”

Well we asked, and you answered!

We heard you loud and clear when you said you wanted more family friendly/budget friendly recipes.

And today I am here to deliver!!

Schools around here have officially entered the summer season – where the kids are suddenly home, perhaps with more free time and less routine. Now kids love this time of year where there is no more class and no more waking up early and no more homework, but as we all know, boredom (even in kids) leads to hunger/cravings for snacks.


healthy snack for kids


So I’d like to share with you one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE healthy snack ideas!! I love this because it can double duty as a mid afternoon sweet treat, or it can act as a guilt free dessert.

And it’s 100% kid friendly.

In fact, my mom made this for me when I was a little tyke and I couldn’t get enough of it (I don’t have kids, so I have to use myself as the guinea pig LOL!).

Mom Note – How to use this healthy snack:

  • A mid afternoon snack
  •  Substitute this for a candy craving – it’s so sweet!
  • Use it as a dessert
  • Works great for picnics and when you’re cooking out
  • Can be prepared a little bit ahead of time
  • Kids get to participate in the preparation of their snack, instilling in them the importance of preparing their own food as opposed to relying on junk food – and it’s FUN to make!
  • The kids love it because it transforms apples into neon colored treats


Kid Friendly Snack: Sour Patch Apples healthy snack ideas for kids, sour patch apples


  1. Parent: Take an apple and core, slice, and dice into bite sized pieces
  2. Parent or Kid:  Scoop the apple bits into a Ziploc bag
  3. Parent or Kid:  Choose the sugar free, fat free Jell-O flavor of choice (have fun with it!  I love the lime and cherry flavors!)
  4. Parent: Measure 1 tsp of the Jell-O and pour into the Ziploc bag. Seal the bag up.
  5. Kid: Have your children shake the Ziploc bag so that the Jell-O is evenly distributed and evenly coating the apples.
  6. Enjoy with a spoon and a napkin nearby. The kids can eat it straight out of the Ziploc (perfect for picnics!) or you can pour it into a bowl for neater eating.


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What are some of your favorite kid friendly snacks?