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If you’ve been part of BeyondFit for any length of time, you know it’s no secret that I LOVE home workouts.  I haven’t had a gym membership in over 7 years and am in the best shape of my life.

But when my usual workout space in the garage was flooded, I had to get creative…

I turned one corner of my home office into a “gym” and needed a fitness/yoga mat that would protect the flooring.

If you’re fellow lover of home workouts like me (perfect for a busy mom), your fitness mat (or yoga mat) is one of the most important pieces of workout equipment you’ll ever invest in.

When I was looking to create a home gym space in my office, I knew I needed a mat that was high quality because the quality of your mat will definitely affect the quality of your workout.

Honestly, no one wants to do mat exercises on a thin piece of material that gives them no room to move, and isn’t comfortable.  The regular mats I use for yoga just weren’t big enough for my home workout space. I needed a Large Exercise Mat that gave me the freedom to move.

If you’re looking purchase a fitness mat for your home workouts, here are a few factors to consider…  


With many other exercise mats, this isn’t the case. They’re too short, too narrow, and there’s simply no room to move.

Sure, this is fine if you’d like to do crunches all day long.

But wait. Picture your every day, exercise or yoga mat.

If you want to get an intense workout, you need to actually move quite a bit.

With a Gorilla Mat, you’ll be able to do all of your cardio drills without falling off the mat, which will be way more comfortable on your joints. Even the smallest Gorilla Mat is 6 x 4 feet, leaving you plenty of space to move… and even include your kiddos in your workouts!  


The best workout mats should work well on all flooring.

Hardwood floors, cement, tile, even carpet.

Gorilla Mats are one piece and are shock absorbing. They even have a unique, ultra-durable top layer which prevents wear and tear.

Interlocking puzzle gym floor tiles are a different story.

They come apart and don’t hold up very well. And unfortunately, the most affordable of this type of flooring is usually made of cheap materials.

Gorilla Mats are made of high-quality, latex-free materials, so they’re safe for everyone. And they’re made for the toughest of workouts.

For large spaces, you can even place two or more Gorilla Mats together.

Gorilla Mats also protect your flooring. Your hardwood floors aren’t made for high intensity workouts. They work great whether you’re doing bodyweight exercises, or using them a gym equipment mats for something like a stationary bike or elliptical.


Many traditional workout mats are thin. And thicker mats often resemble a sponge. Gorilla Mats are extra thick and super dense.

Even most yoga mats really aren’t that comfortable. Our workout mats are made of 1/4 inch thick high density materials which keeps your joints padded without sacrificing stability. Our yoga mats are even more comfortable and are made of extra thick high-density memory foam.

Our extra thick mats provide ultra comfort, along with firm stability, for even those challenging balance exercises like side planks.

Gorilla Mats are unmatched for comfort on your knees, elbows, tailbone, and other joints.


Working out is good for you, but maybe not so much if you’re using equipment that’s filled with toxins and is hurting the environment.

Usually if you want a durable mat, you are forced into a rubber gym mat with latex, which may aggravate those with sensitive skin. Other mats don’t tell you what’s in their foam.

Gorilla Mats are made from durable, eco-friendly, latex-free, non-toxic 16P free foam.  We test for the 16 most common phthalates, lead, arsenic, mercury, among other harmful elements.

We want you to feel good about your mat, your body, and the environment.


Even though you’re moving during your workout, you want your mat to stay put. Our unique circular design on the bottom of each Gorilla Mat ensures your mat will stay put through all your jumping and turning.

They stick like glue on hard surfaces and the weight of the mats help keep them anchored to the floor – even on carpet.

Other workout or yoga mats you’ll find don’t provide this non-slip backing.

The result – a mat that slips and slides all over your workout space.


The thickness and density of a Gorilla Mat is not only comfortable, but also provides shock absorption for your joints. Other plyometric mats are made of a much harder rubbery material that isn’t nearly as comfortable and doesn’t lessen the impact.

As an extra bonus you will get quieter workouts, which makes Gorilla Mats great for apartment living and parents who need to sneak in a workout while their children sleep.

This feature is perfect for those wanting to do high-intensity workouts that involve a lot of jumping .


The porous material that many fitness and yoga mats are made of can actually absorb bacteria and odors, which gives them a rather interesting smell after some use.

It also makes them difficult to clean.  No amount of scrubbing helps get the sweat and dirt off of these mats.

Gorilla Mats have a protective layer on the top of the mat and are also made of high-density foam, which makes them easy to clean.

If you need a deep clean, just wash with a wet soapy towel, rinse, and lay outside to dry!


Gorilla Mats can be moved from room to room with ease. Just roll them up and secure them using the two included Velcro straps.

Ready for your next living room workout?  Just unstrap, unroll and you’re ready to go.

This also makes them easy to store and ideal for those who don’t have a dedicated workout room. While they are heavier that regular exercise mats, they are still very portable and can be moved around when needed.


Because we know you’re investing in your your health, Gorilla Mats are backed with a lifetime warranty. Not many other mats come close to this guarantee, which makes us stand head and shoulders above the rest.


Gorilla Mats are one of the most durable and versatile pieces of home workout equipment you’ll ever buy. They can cover entire rooms and studios. But they are also perfect for small spaces.

Just imagine how much a great fitness mat will keep you motivated and help you enjoy your workouts.

To find a great workout mat, you need to set the bar high. There aren’t many mats that feature all of the qualities that we mentioned.

Gorilla Mats will last you through the most challenging workouts, all while staying put and providing comfort that you won’t find using any other mat.

I’m so glad I finally find the best workout mats you’ll ever buy. And if you’re into yoga or Pilates, check out the Premium Large Yoga Mats. They’re perfect for spending more time on the mat.

To get started, just measure the space where you’ll be using your Premium Large Exercise Mat to find the one that will fit your workout space the best. Then choose from one of three awesome colors.

Grab a Premium Large Exercise Mat by Gorilla Mats today!

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