Meal Delivery Service: How to Choose the One For You

What’s for dinner? 

For busy moms, this question comes up on a daily basis. It’s great when you have time to search Pinterest for healthy recipes and get creative in the kitchen, but when time is short and you’re in a rush (or don’t feel like dragging the kids to the grocery store) it’s nice to have quick, easy and healthy options on hand.  

That’s one reason why the meal delivery service trend is growing so quickly these days. From meal packs complete with recipes and pre-portioned ingredients (simply cook the meal like a professional chef!), to prepared meals, the world of convenient healthy eating is getting easier by the day.


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Tomato Artichoke Rice with Beef


Meal delivery service is a great time saver.  


After a long day at work or holding down the fort as a mama, sometimes the last thing we want to do is spend an hour making a mess in the kitchen, just to have to turn around and clean it all up.

For busy days when you didn’t have time to food prep or haven’t had a chance to go grocery shopping, it’s nice to have the opportunity to conveniently order your meals online and have them delivered right to your doorstep.


Meal delivery service can help you make healthier food choices.  


When you’re in a rush or haven’t had time to make a healthy dinner, you’re more likely to grab unhealthy choices. Fast food is all around us, and when we are short on time sometimes it’s easier to grab and go when on the run.


meal delivery service, ionutrition
Onion Pilaf with Beef Patty


Meal delivery service is definitely a great convenience for busy moms!


With so many meal delivery service options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to figure out what is right for you. Price, delivery time, ingredients, and brand reputation could all be considered decision factors.


Here are a few things to look for in a meal delivery service:


1. Price

Price is usually one of the main concerns when it comes to making decisions or shopping in any vicinity of life. A general price range when it comes to these meal delivery services can range anywhere from $12.50-$17.00 per meal to $72.00 per week for two people.

If you are working with a budget, consider what the cost per meal is and compare it to what you would normally spend on a meal or groceries per week. Try to compare pricing to what you would spend on a similar dish at one of your favorite restaurants, or the pro-and-con idea where you think about what unhealthy dish you might be forced to purchase (fast food) if you didn’t have the healthy prepared meal already in your hands.


meal delivery service, ionutrition
Kale & Cauliflower with Chicken Breast


2. Delivery Time & Location

We live in a world where we want instant satisfaction – the sooner we can get our hands on something we want, the better, right? Most of these meal delivery service companies will deliver your meals between 7-14 days. The majority of the services ship nationwide, with the exception of a only a few. Some are even shipping internationally! Another point to mention is that some services charge a delivery fee, so that is something to be aware of. Most services deliver weekly or bi-weekly.


3. Ingredients

With a meal delivery service, the way it tastes is obviously one of the most important aspects. If you have allergies or food restrictions/sensitivities, this is certainly an important consideration for you. If you are looking for specifics in your menus, such as organic, gluten-free, paleo, vegan, low-sodium, the good news is that these types of meal plans are available – it is simply finding the specific service.


meal delivery service, ionutrition
Roasted Asparagus & Chicken Breast


4. Freshness

To ensure you are getting the quality you are paying for, find out this information before signing on with a service. Find out where the ingredients are sourced from, if organic is important to you, ensure they are certified. Ensure the meat is local and sustainable, preferably grass-fed meat, hormone-free chicken, and wild caught fish.


5. Brand Reputation

How do your peers or current customers view the company? Of course there are different reasons each person values a company, but the overarching reputation of a company is important to gauge the service, community, and of course the meals themselves. The philosophy or mission of a company may be important to you. For instance, if you are worried about food waste, there are meal delivery service companies that will donate any leftover meals to local shelters, not letting any food go to waste.

I recently got the opportunity to test out IONUTRITION Meal Delivery Service, and I’m hooked! Each meal contained the 2 P’s (protein + produce) and I loved how easy and convenient it was to have healthy meal options to grab and go. The price, delivery time, ingredients and brand reputation all met my standards, so if a meal delivery service is something you’re interested in, I highly suggest looking into this. To learn more about meals from IONUTRITION, visit the sample meals page.

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