Mint Chocolate Sweet Potato Brownies

By Kristen Durnan

These mint chocolate brownies are the “cure” for your chocolate cravings this weekend!


Mint Chocolate Sweet Potato Brownies




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Kristen Durnan is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Women’s Fitness Specialist, and Fitness Nutrition Specialist. She has been a trainer for over three years. She started out at a small gym in New Bern, NC where she helped numerous people reach their goals. Some of her most noteworthy clients were a former trainer who had creeped his way up to over 400lbs (he lost 100 of those in the year they worked together!), and her first client who signed up for training to gain some extra structure (she ended up losing 28lbs and over 13% body fat in our 14 months together!). She also began a boot camp in her first gym, where participants saw TONS of results. By the time she left this gym a year and a half after starting, she was working with over 32 people and knew she had to find a way to help MORE people.


Kristen had her first child in April, a son who she incorporates into her workouts. Kristen helps other women with babies reclaim their bodies by running a local Mommy & Me Boot Camp. She is also author of the ebook, Lean Body: The Four Month Workout Plan To Your Healthiest Body. She does in-person training in Ventura California, as well as online training, and now BeyondFit Boot Camp! Find health and fitness tips, as well as her fit pregnancy and recovery on her website!


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