Day 23 of 25 Days of Fitness: 3 Secrets to Slim Hosting

By Kate Horney

Feeling joyful is what this season is all about!  

This includes the joy that comes from finally figuring out how to make the fat-loss lifestyle work for you…even during the hustle, bustle and stress of hosting dinner for the holidays!

Are you hosting for the holidays? Here are my tricks…

3 Secrets to Slim Hosting

  1. Keep fat loss friendly staples on hand – There are a couple of easy ways for you to stay prepared while you prepare. First, stock your fridge with plenty of pre-cut veggies to snack on as you prep. The fiber and water combo is perfect to keep you feeling full. Second, make sure you have some quick & easy protein on hand. For the times that you’re busy with all the hustle and bustle preparing for the big day, even a protein shake or a quick bar to grab is useful to stave off hunger and avoid an all out binge later. Lastly, don’t forget to be prepared for a good game of “dessert defense.” Check out a few of our favorite cleaned-dessert recipes that we love this time of year. Make these fat-loss friendly treats ahead of time to have on hand when a sweet tooth craving strikes.
  2. Remember to EAT! – If you’re a busy host, make sure you don’t get SO distracted that you forget to eat during the day. I know, it’s easy to get caught up in all the prep work, but remember to sip lots of water and make time for lunch. It’s important to keep fuel coming in all day long in order to keep blood sugar stable and to balance your hunger, energy and cravings. When you skip meals, you not only increase your likelihood of storing fat, but also put yourself in a situation where you are starving in the hours afterwards. We’ve all been there – when you’re so hungry you could eat a horse. At this point, you no longer make educated decisions about your food choices and find yourself at the mercy of your growling stomach and raging hunger hormones. This mindset causes you to overeat, and again, increases your likelihood of storing, rather than burning fat.
  3. Ditch the “tradition” of serving a fattening feast – Why not start a NEW tradition and give your family and friends the gift of health this holiday season? If you’re hosting, you have control of the menu! 🙂 Make the choice to serve a few of the classics without the fat storing overload! Remember, starch + fat = the worst combination for fat storing. Instead of using Aunt Betty’s sugar-and-fat-laden pumpkin pie recipe, how about some Crustless pumpkin pie?  When it comes to sides, you don’t have to load up the mashed potatoes (starch!) with butter and heavy cream (fat!) – try mashed cauliflower (lots of fiber) instead! When it comes to the fat-loss friendly feasts, remember: Eat your veggies first, protein second, and starch last! Instead of serving the rolls FIRST, enjoy them as the LAST part of a meal if you’re still hungry.  By eating your vegetables and protein before you eat the starch you will feel satisfaction from your food more quickly, you will eat less, and the negative hormonal responses of your meal will be decreased.

Are you hosting a big dinner this year?

Making fat-loss friendly holiday feasts a tradition…

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