Tasty Treats for Tiny Tots: Kid-Approved Recipes

Kid-approved recipes. They aren’t always easy to come by. That’s why we’ve rounded up not only a delicious collection of sweet treats, but also a couple of savory sides that will have your kids quoting Oliver Twist.

“More, please!” 


Kid-Approved Recipes: Savory Sides

These kid-approved recipes taste just right to adults too. So whether you’re feeding a passel of kiddos at a birthday party, or throwing something together for your family on a weeknight, these recipes round out any meal!


Cauliflower Tots

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Pizza Sticks

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Kid-Approved Recipes: Sweet Treats

You probably already know this about me–I’ve got an insatiable sweet tooth! So I can’t blame my kids for wanting something sweet every now and again too. These kid-approved recipes will satisfy any sweet tooth in your family–including your own! And they won’t sabotage your fat loss goals either!


Jackson’s Favorite Fruit Leather

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Haystacks

[yumprint-recipe id=’102′]


Blackberry Lime Sorbet

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Microwave Apple Cobbler 

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