8 Tips For Your Wedding Fitness Routine

By Kate Horney


If you have a fitness goal you’d like to achieve before your wedding day, having a plan is key.  

How do you get more results in less time and fit your wedding fitness routine into your already crazy schedule of wedding planning and day to day life?


Here Are 8 Tips For Your Wedding Fitness Routine


1. Set the right goals: Before you begin, it’s a good idea to make sure you have clear goals set out. Set goals that are SMART:


Post those goals somewhere that you’ll see them daily.

2. Keep it short: Your workouts should take no more than 30-45 minutes. As busy brides, that’s about all the time you have! Focus on moving quickly through your workout and use an interval timer to keep your rest time in check. Longer workouts can increase negative side effects such as a great risk of injury, increased hunger and a hormonal tendency to store fat.

3. Find a well rounded routine: The ideal wedding fitness routine incorporates a balance of activities including leisurely walks, some HIIT, plenty of stretching, core training, and also weight training. Make sure you focus on well rounded workouts and do more than one activity per week. Click here to learn about our BeyondFit Bride program!

4. Power up with protein: Eat approximately 1g of protein per pound of lean body mass. Foods containing higher protein content slow the absorption of carbohydrates into the blood, preventing major dips in energy while also keeping you fuller for longer. Higher protein foods also utilize more calories during the digestion and absorption process (protein has a higher thermic effect of food). For busy brides, protein means lean muscle maintenance–a huge factor for a healthy, fat-burning metabolism.

5. Water, water, water: Water should make up 90% of your liquid intake. Every system in the body depends on water, but most people don’t even realize when they’re dehydrated. Make sure you’re filling up your water bottle throughout the day, keep it with you at all times and make sure you don’t wait for signs of thirst to start drinking.

6. Stress less! For busy brides this is much easier said than done. High cortisol levels from stress impact your ability to burn fat. When possible, try to lower cortisol by doing restorative activities like leisurely walking and having quiet time to distress (even if it’s just 5 minutes!). Read more ideas on how busy brides can remain stress free during wedding planning!

7. Do intense cardio/metabolic conditioning intervals 1-2x/week: Gone are the days of zoning out reading a wedding magazine while leisurely elliptical-ing your way through hours and hours of cardio. What busy bride has time for THAT?! Get MORE results in LESS time by focusing on intense interval training or HIIT, the most effective fat-burning cardio. These short and intense workouts allow the intensity to be self-regulated and safe, and most importantly, are adaptable to any bride regardless of your starting fitness level.  

8. Find accountability: Invite your bridesmaids to start a fitness program with you! Or find an online group of fellow brides who are willing to keep you accountable. Even if you can’t work out together, help each other stay motivated with frequent check-ins. When it comes to reaching your goals, support and accountability is key.

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