Workout Gear I’m loving

Nothing to wear? Don’t sweat it. Under Armour’s stylish workout gear provides endless workout outfit ideas and athleisure inspiration! Let’s be honest, ladies… the most important items on your workout gear checklist are comfortable (and cute) workout clothes.

Here’s a rundown of some of the new workout gear that I’m loving…

1. Leggings

Whether you’re running errands or running sprints, everyone knows that comfortable leggings are essential. I love these UA leggings, as they are perfect for weight training workouts, yoga class, sprints or walks with my family, and will move with you no matter what you’re doing.

They’re lightweight, breathable and stretchy. The moisture-wicking fabric is a great feature, too.

2. Fitness Tank

If you plan on really working up a sweat, you’ll definitely want to opt for a lightweight tank top that offers plenty of ventilation and flexibility.  I love the detail (and breathing room) that this new UA tank provides with the split back.  It’s when you need a little help cooling down after a tough workout.

4. Socks

You can’t see them, but I’m in love with the new UA socks.  We all know that if you’re feet are uncomfortable, you’ll feel it through your whole workout.  I love these lightweight running socks with a breathable fabric.

5. The Right Shoes

Last but not least, one of the most essential items on this list — a good pair of workout shoes. I always look for shoes that are comfortable, flexible and versatile.  I love these UA shoes, as they provide the support, shock absorption and traction you need for any type of workout!

If you want to do fitness better, you need the right gear!  

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Under Armour gear that I’m loving.  

From shoes to sports bras and everything in between, UA has you covered!

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