Coffee with Kate #3: All the Answers to Your Questions From Favorite Ways to Sit Back and Relax or Get Moving to Fighting Pregnancy Cravings and Pet Peeves

Coffee with Kate time again! Getting to know all of you better through your emails and social media posts is one of my favorite things. I hope you’ll continue to submit questions for me so I can share what you truly want to know about as well! You can submit questions at anytime for our next coffee date via email with the subject line, “Coffee with Kate!” Thanks for all your amazing inquiries!


Coffee with Kate: Question 1. What is your favorite book, TV show and movie?

I shared a bunch of my favorite books and devotionals here on my last Coffee with Kate post. While I’m really not much of a movie lover (I can’t sit still for that long and I can always think of a million other things that I could/should be doing!), I do like to sit down and watch a sitcom on Netflix with Patrick (a.k.a. the @beyondfitdad), though.  Anything that makes me laugh is a favorite! I also love This is Us, even though it makes me cry! Oh, and it’s really strange, but I love prison and/or gang documentaries.  I’ve seen almost every episode of Gangland on the history channel. 


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Coffee with Kate: Question 2a. What is a typical week like for you in terms of workouts? 

“Getting slim without the gym” = my motto since becoming a mom. I ditched my gym membership when Jackson arrived (5+ years ago), and I get all my workouts in at home. Usually in the garage or even in the living room, sometimes in my slippers! I like early morning workouts, so I try to get up 3 times each week for our BeyondFit Life workouts where I’m pushing hard and really focusing on lifting heavy weights. I don’t typically do any steady state cardio, but I’ll throw in sprint workouts maybe once each week if I’m working to lean out, prep for a photo shoot or beach season, etc. I’m also a huge fan of slow leisurely walks, and yoga when I have time- both are so great for lowering cortisol! I try to take a walk once on the weekends and at least one or two nights during the week.


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Coffee with Kate: Question 2b. What equipment do you need for home workouts?

As far as equipment needed for home workouts–our BeyondFit Life workouts are super simple and don’t require much–just a high quality yoga mat and some heavy weights. My favorite are the Manduka line of yoga mats! Warning: they’re pricey, so I’ll link a few more of my favs below. The Manduka mats come with a lifetime guarantee. They never peel, flake, or fade. They just improve over time. I love the density and cushion that helps protect joints and provides a stable surface for both my BeyondFit Life workouts and my yoga practice. The closed cell surface also prevents sweat and dirt from absorbing into the mat, which means these yoga mats are easy to clean and good for any sweaty workouts. Check out the Manduka mats on Amazon here.  

As far as weights, I just love the classic look and feel of my CAP Barbell Cast Iron Hex Dumbbells. You can choose anywhere from 5 to 120 pounds, giving you just what you need for your killer BeyondFit Life workout. I love that these dumbbells feature an ultra durable cast iron finish, ensuring that it will hold up well over time even when used heavily (Seriously, I’ve had mine for YEARS!). Also, one advantage of the hexagon-shaped dumbbell is that it’s designed to prevent rolling when placed on the floor. This kind of dumbbell also promotes effortless storage without all that rolling around.


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Coffee with Kate: Question 3. What are your three biggest pet peeves?

Easy! The snooze button, random beeping noises and super long check-out lines.


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I try to skip ALL checkout lines as much as possible. The @beyondfitkids like it better that way too?


Coffee with Kate: Question 4. How did you overcome any bad pregnancy cravings?

I ate chili, cheese, and protein pancakes topped with peanut butter like it was my JOB while pregnant! I also focused on turning comfort food cravings into healthier options. If the urge to eat brownie sundaes just wouldn’t die, I focused on taking my mind off food by going on a short walk; running an errand (while avoiding the grocery store!); getting out of the kitchen; reading, etc. Eating regularly to avoid drops in blood sugar that could trigger food cravings also helped!


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I’ve found it much better to treat myself and my babies to a healthy version of my pregnancy comfort food craving instead. You’ll still satisfy your sweet tooth or that desire for some comfort food, but without sacrificing proper health and nutrition.

Healthy pregnancy comfort food cravings:
  1. Tator Tots = Cauliflower Tots!   
  2. Brownies = Fudgey Squash Brownies!
  3. Pasta = Zucchini “Noodles!”  
  4. Oatmeal cookies = BeyondFit Breakfast Cookies!
  5. Chocolate Donuts = Chocolate Baked Donuts!
  6. Pizza = Protein Packed Pizza!


You can find more information on this blog post, 35 Weeks Pregnancy Chalkboard + Pregnancy Comfort Food Cravings.


Coffee with Kate: Question 5. What are some random facts we don’t already know about you?

Hmm . . . this is a tough one. Let’s see. I am a recovering perfectionist. In pre-school, my teacher had to call my mom after playground time because I cried when I got dirt on my new white shoes. I still come close to tears when new things get dirty.

I was national honor society president & homecoming queen in high school (overachiever–so annoying–I know!).

Before getting married I briefly went to Seminary. I studied women’s ministry and attempted to learn Greek for two semesters.


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I try to not take myself too seriously?



Coffee with Kate is just one of the ways I want to connect with you! Check out all the BeyondFit programs to determine how I can help YOU achieve your fat loss goals and live a better life. 


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