Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes

By Kate Horney

Looking for Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes?

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You’ve come to the right place! Now that it’s officially November, it’s time to start planning the menu for your next holiday gathering! We’re starting our Abs By Christmas Challenge in just over a week (if you haven’t joined, make sure you get in the action here!) and are gearing up to fight the feasting season!!

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The truth is that abs are made in the kitchen.  So in addition to smart, efficient fat burning workouts and targeted core training, if you want to keep that belly from turning into a bowl full of jelly, you’ve got to play close attention to your nutrition throughout the holiday season!

Instead of overwhelming your body with high-calorie, unhealthy foods this year, why not try some healthy, not-so-traditional (yet equally delicious) recipes this year?

Of course you know the usuals, and we’ll be sharing our favorite healthy holiday recipes in the coming weeks, but to get you started, let’s think outside the box. You, your family, and your friends are sure to love these delicious, fall inspired concoctions.

Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes: BREAKFAST

A healthy breakfast is a great way to start your day, especially during the busy holidays! These recipes will give you the energy your body needs to start the day but still leave room for plenty of turkey later.Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes

  • {Pumpkin Spice} Baked Donuts – Sure they may taste good for a second, but is it worth wrecking your health goals (and sending you on a blood sugar roller coaster all morning long) by eating cake for breakfast?  This holiday season you can have your cake (aka the donut) and eat it too with this easy baked donut recipe!  Try this simple recipe with a fall inspired twist: Pumpkin Spice (cinnamon, stevia + pumpkin pie spice) or Apple Pie (apple pie spice + thinly sliced apple chunks) donuts!


Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes: APPETIZERS

These healthy appetizer recipes are a great way to start your holiday meal. Some of them are even hearty enough to be a meal on their own when you need a night off from holiday dinner festivities!

  • {Lean} Green Soup – The weather is really starting to cool off which means it’s the perfect time of year for a hot bowl of soup! I do love my veggies but I must admit that I lack creativity when it comes to preparing them. I came across this recipe that was originally made using white potatoes…but we made it fat-loss friendly by substituting with cauliflower instead! It goes great with a salad or can be used as a side dish. It’s the perfect way to get in a big serving of veggies and will keep you warm and toasty!


Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes: DINNER

The main course is without a doubt the star of the show at holiday meals. In addition to the usual turkey, why not switch it up sometime this season? Try one of these delicious and healthy main holiday dishes!

  • {Skinny} Stuffed Chicken – The turkey isn’t the only thing you can stuff this holiday season!  Plain chicken = boooring!  Try this delicious bacon wrapped version instead!Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes
  • {Guilt Free} Turkey Meatloaf –  Traditional meatloaf contains a combo of fatty ground beef and high starch breadcrumbs (Fat + Starch = FAT STORING); making for a total fat content that can hit up to 25 grams per serving with a carbohydrate count that almost matches.  Check out this slimmed down (and gluten free) version of meatloaf instead!


Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes: DESSERT

Dessert is the grand finale, no doubt! Note: these healthy desserts are so good, you’ll want to make them all year round!

  • {Crustless} Pumpkin Pie –  I made this fat loss friendly twist on traditional pumpkin pie almost weekly through the holiday season, and it always comes out incredible!  This recipe is quick & easy, and will make your taste buds AND your waist happy!

pumpkin protein shake  Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes

  • {Guilt Free} Pumpkin Pie Protein Shake –  Pumpkins are low in saturated fat and calories, are high in fiber and are very low in cholesterol and sodium. They are also chock full of vitamins and minerals such as: Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, Folate, Iron, Magnesium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Potassium. Not to mention, they’re pretty darn tasty too!
  • {Guilt Free} Cheesecake –  Here is a mouth-watering cheesecake recipe that will quickly become a Thanksgiving favorite. And it can be your little secret that this beauty is completely sugar and gluten free!! Serve a slice of this heavenly goodness with some fresh berries or sugar-free chocolate sauce and you’ll have all your guests talking!


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