Smoothie Recipes for Kids

Want some healthy smoothie recipes for kids?  How about our best healthy kid smoothie tips?

I have been making daily smoothies for myself and my kids for well over a decade. And in that time I have somewhat of a smoothie expert.

I’d like to share with you with 10 best smoothie PRO TIPS to make your smoothies better and tastier than ever for your whole family!

1. Use frozen berries. Frozen berries tend to be much cheaper than fresh berries and they are available year round. To maximize the berry flavor in your shake, thaw the berries on the counter for 10 minutes before you make your shake.

2. Add some avocado. Avocados make your shakes really creamy. I love to add avocados to my kids shakes because they are high in HEALTHY FATS, ANTIOXIDANTS, VITAMIN C and DIETARY FIBER. Adding 1/4 of an avocado to Chocolate KidzShake makes the creamiest chocolate milk ever…and your kids will not taste the avocado at all!

3. Use a quality nutrition shake. This one goes with out saying- Use KidzShake. KidzShake is the healthiest and tastiest smoothie base on the market. Why would you use anything else?

4. Find a fun cup. If your kids have trouble with the “greenness” of a green smoothie, just put the shake in an opaque cup with a lid and use an opaque straw.

5. Plan ahead. School mornings are crazy so I like to do my family’s smoothie prep ahead of time. Simply layer all the fresh ingredients in a mason jar or zip lock bag and freeze. Take the jar or zip lock bag out of the freezer 10 minutes before you want to make your shake to slightly thaw, place ingredients in a blender with KidzShake and liquid. Healthy food can be fast too!

6. Use the sweetest greens. When using leafy greens vegetables to make green shakes make sure you remove the stalks of mature leafy greens before you add them to the blender. This will reduce the bitterness of your green shake. You can also use baby spinach or baby kale (available in most supermarkets) to make your shakes. These are less bitter and more kid friendly.

7. Keep chunks of banana in the freezer. Banana is the most versatile add in for any shake. Frozen bananas means that you can make up a nice, creamy shake at any time. Frozen bananas are also perfect for making smoothie bowls and Nice-Cream.

8. Use ripe fruit. The riper the fruit, the sweeter and more kid friendly your shake will naturally be.

9. Freeze your greens. I love to buy my greens in bulk at the supermarket, but occasionally I buy too much. Instead of wasting my extra greens or allowing them to go rotten in the fridge I just throw them in the freezer in a zip lock bag. Just grab a handful of frozen greens and throw them in your KidzShake as needed. This also means that I always have the ingredients to make a green shake.

10. Go chunk free.  If your blender is having difficulty making your favorite KidzShake recipe nice and smooth (and really no one likes big chunks in their smoothie). Here are some sure ways to make sure that your smoothie is chunk free. a. Blend your greens and liquid first b. add more liquid to the recipe- a little goes a long way. c. thaw fruit on counter for at least 10 minutes before making shake d. cut hard ingredients into small pieces.

Make sure you check out some of these great recipes and have fun with your KidzShakes!  (Use coupon code BEYONDFIT to save!) 



Thanks to Dr. Rach at KidzShake for this post!






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