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How to Lose Baby Weight: 4 Keys to Get Your Body Back

By Kate Horney One of the most frequently asked questions I get from moms is about how to lose baby weight. Whether it’s a pregnant mama who is worried about how to lose baby weight when the time comes, or it’s a postpartum mom who is wondering how to get rid of those extra pounds packed…


6 Hormones You Need to Know

By Kate Horney Most of us have come to understand that fat loss and a change in body composition requires physical activity and a modification of our diets.  “Move more, eat less” is a popular mantra among women trying to get in shape, but this approach is incomplete.  The missing piece of the puzzle is…


3 Habits to Be a Healthy, Happy & Balanced Mom

Thank you Lorissa’s Kitchen for sponsoring this post. Lorissa’s Kitchen makes delicious snacks using high quality meats like 100% grass-fed beef and chicken raised without antibiotics! Click here to purchase Lorissa’s Kitchen on Amazon! Motherhood is often about sacrificing our own wants and needs for those of our children. In many cases, this is an…


Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain: Tips & Tricks

Avoiding holiday weight gain may seem like a Christmas miracle, but with just a few simple and smart strategies in place, you really CAN avoid packing on the extra pounds this holiday season! Don’t get me wrong, I believe the holidays should be celebrated. Everything–including holiday indulgences–can be enjoyed in moderation. But if you’re looking for…


Living the BeyondFit Life

You may be wondering about living the BeyondFit Life. If you want balance in your life when it comes to food and fitness, I’m here to tell you, there’s no better way! Many women struggle to maintain weight loss long-term. While fad-diets, 30-day plans, and other “quick fixes” might help you drop pounds initially, keeping weight…