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Fix Your Fat Fighting Hormones Day 1: Estrogen

This week we’re helping you fix your fat fighting hormones! When hormones are not produced in proper amounts and are not in proper balance with one another, a variety of healthy problems can occur. From gas and bloating to issues when women try to conceive. Hormones play a role in almost every function of our…


Fat Loss for Each Body Type

If you’re frustrated after following a “one size fits all” fitness plan that didn’t work, you’re not alone. My biggest goal in the BeyondFit Life Club is to support women! I want to help them learn how to #dofitnessbetter and to create their own unique body type blueprint. The truth is there’s no one size fits…


Weight Loss and Your Menstrual Cycle

Don’t let PMS ruin your workouts and undo all of your weight loss progress. By making a few small tweaks to your training and nutrition, you can easily outsmart cravings and get a handle on this time of month. For many women, the weight and mood changes caused by your menstrual cycle can be significant.…


10 Ways To Stay Active With Your Family

As moms, one important job we have is to make sure that our kids develop healthy habits at a young age. It’s important to teach our kids that taking care of their bodies matters. This includes things like teaching them the importance of sleep, hydration, proper nutrition, and yes, even exercise.  I love teaching my boys…


How to Reduce Belly Fat

It’s officially summer and swimsuit season is in full force. Maybe you meant to start getting in shape sooner (like back in January) but it didn’t happen. So now you’re wondering how to get that flat midsection – and fast… There are many myths floating around out there about how to reduce belly fat. Before…